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In New YorkMr. Jouko Ilvonen

From the date of its foundation Trio has acted more than in 800 concerts, visited 150 cities. The musicians were heard in large cities, such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Smolensk, Bryansk, Novgorod, Pskov, Minsk, Riga, Vilnius, New York, Stockholm, and in small: Old Russa, Suzdal, Petushki, Pokrov, Klin, Murom and many others. Certainly, Trio is well know in all town of Murmansk region. In the past ensemble made 5-6 large tour trips to a season. The number of concerts per one year reached 70-80. Now carrying out tour trips is much more difficultly because of financial complexities. Sometimes our foreing friends help us to organize tours. Trio wants to express gratitude to the public figure from the city of Salla (Finland) mr. Jouko Ilvonen, who organized our performances in northern Lapland for 4 times. Twice we received invitations from Enontakie (festival "Hetta Music Days"). In June 1998 trio took part in a festival of arts "Breaking the ice" in Stockholm. Northern Norwegian regions repeatedly invited us. In the last years Trio actively performed for the schoolchildern of a different ages. The visitors of our concerts were were the pupils musical and comprehensive schools. The musicians have prepared the large repertoire, which was interesting to children. There was a large program consisting of classical miniatures by Chaikovsky, Rakhmaninov, Prokofiev, Khachaturan, Sviridov, Vivaldim, Grieg, Sibelius. Children are pleased, when they find out familiar melodies. This program was very popular. We shall be glad, if the creativity of a Trio will interest the organizers of concert life.

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