History of our ensemble

In 1980 the pianist Alexander Kondratiev and the cellist Valeriy Rolanov together with the violinist Dmitry Giljov have given their first concert in a structure of a Trio. The premiere of the first programme has passed with success and has set the stage for broad concert activity of an ensemble. Repertoir fast filled up. The musicians with enthusiasm advocate the compositions of the local writers. Reviewing concerts of a Trio, press marks depth and gravity of creative intentions, complexity, high ensemble culture of the musicians.

Alexander Kondratiev was born in 1946. He has graduated from the State musical-pedagogical institute named after Gnesins (nowadays - Russian academy of music named after Gnesins) on the class of the professor Michnovsky. Since 1970 he was engaged in concert activity. He was the soloist of a Separate standard orchestra of marine fleet of the USSR. He has played with solo concerts and as the soloist with different orchestras. Alexander is a first initiator of some compositions by Soviet composers. In 1999 with a State quartet named after S. Prokofiev he performed quintet by Schostakovich. Being by the soloist of a philarmonic society and teacher of a musical school, he mates his concert activity with pedagogical work. Since 1993 till 1995 he was a director of a Murmansk regional philharmonic. Perfectly drives a car.

Dmitry Giljov was born in 1955. He has graduated from the Petrozavodsk state conservatoire (which one in that time was branch of the Leningrad conservatoire), on the class of the senior lecturer Zondereger. Worked in a symphonic orchestra of the Karelian radio. Dmitry directed over a symphonic orchestra of a Murmansk musical school. Since 1980 he is the soloist of a Murmansk philarmonic society. He is also a concertmaster of a Murmansk chamber orchestra. All members of the Giljovs family are musicians. The wife Olga is a violinist, the son Semen is a pianist, student of the Murmansk Music colledge. In his freetime Dmitry likes to go for the walk in the wood, pick up mushrooms, and he knows a lot about them.

Svetlana Osiagina was born in 1953 in Moscow. She has graduated from the Russian academy of music on the class of the professor Georgian. Now works in a Murmansk philarmonic society. She was a member of a string quartet of a philarmonic society, played in a popular ensemble "Saga". She is a concertmaster of group of violoncelloes of a Murmansk chamber orchestra. Since 1996 she is a member of "Murmansk - Classic-Trio". (Before this time a crew of a violoncello in "Trio" executed Valery Rolanov). Svetlana Osiagina is creative and sensitive ensemblist, a very responsible person.

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